"Alchemists turn lead into gold and make money.
Wargamers make money, then turn their gold into lead."

Welcome to the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp

The Tin Soldiers of Antwerp is a Wargaming Club based at the Robin Hood clubhouse in Ekeren, Belgium. We are a group of wargaming enthusiasts playing a variety of Tabletop Miniature Wargames, RPG's and Boardgames. Some of them are played in a fantasy world whereby each member incorporates his or her favourite fantasy into an enjoyable game, many of us like to embark on an historical adventure by re-enacting famous battles throughout the history of mankind.

Are you a wargamer yourself and would you like to meet other passionate wargamers? Or are you new to the whole wargaming scene? No problem at all. Here at the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp we welcome everybody with open arms. Come along then and discover our Club every Friday night between 7PM and 1AM and feel free to join the biggest wargaming club in Europe.

If you would like to keep informed about our activities, our annual CRISIS WARGAMING CONVENTION, etc. please subscribe yourself to our newsletter following the subscription link on the right-hand side of the screen or log on to Facebook and like our page.

See you soon at the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp!

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Opening hours

Every Friday
7.00PM - 1.00AM

Except for the Friday before the annual Crisis event. Read more...

Also, no club-night if Christmas- or New Year's Eve would happen to be on a Friday-night.

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